Distance Healing

$70/60 minutes

Just like Craniosacral Therapy work done in person, distance work can be very profound and healing. Using the principles of Craniosacral Therapy, you can receive the session in the comfort of your own home. Using zoom or facetime, we connect and check in and figure out what your intentions are for the session. You then lie down in whatever way is comfortable for you and we communicate throughout the session. We then complete the session and check in. 

Here is what some people have to say

about receiving Distance Healing sessions:

"Kelly is a gem in our community. Over the past year, Kelly has become an integral part of my healing process. Her work has made a real difference in my life not only because she brings extensive experience in craniosacral and other healing modalities, but also because she does it with deep compassion, humility and respect.  Her talent, wisdom, authenticity and consistency in her practice have deeply supported me on a physical and emotional level. Kelly is the type of therapist that makes you feel empowered. Her work truly speaks for itself. I cannot recommend her enough." -Betsaida

“I had a distant healing session with Kelly to help me be able to empower myself. I had a course of weekly treatments and each session has been a wealth of revelations in delving deep into my subconscious to release childhood held emotions which were buried deep. Kelly held a very supportive and healing space for me to release those emotions and to be able to empower myself which then led to finding my voice to speak up which was causing my disempowerment. Each week delving deep into different parts of my childhood and understanding it’s affects in my relationship with others” - Seta

"Before my distance session with Kelly, I was feeling confused about my path in my career, had strong feelings of fearing the unknown, and feeling a sense of urgency to 'get somewhere.' Kelly helped me to re-connect my head and heart, my confusion dissolved and I received so much clarity about my path. I felt incredibly empowered and would definitely recommend Kelly's distance healing work." -Tilby

"I had a session with Kelly. She supported me to connect with my body, my emotions and my ancestors. I feel I understand more my roots and the effects from and the relationship with my ancestors. That really helped me understand that I am not just an individual but as in a collective web of my family and all the ancestors. I am very grateful to Kelly!" -Cocoa

"I experienced a wonderful relaxing, fully resourced distant session with Kelly. She provided a very safe, nurturing, supportive container for me to connect in with my body and help me to understand and translate what my body was trying to communicating to me." -Brid

"Receiving a distance healing session from Kelly is deeply supportive. With her compassionate and skillful guidance, I was able to soften inner tensions around trusting my voice and inner knowing. Kelly has a gift for gently opening up to the field of possibility in a way that relaxes the nervous system and invites lasting change." -Heather 

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